The 5 most popular house interior design styles today


When entering a new house, the first thing we care about is choosing and decorating the interior. They are considered the soul that makes the house more eye-catching and attractive. However, how to choose the style, color, material, .. of the interior of the house for art? How to not lose too much money is the concern of many people. The article 5 styles of home interior design below will help you have an overview of each feature of today’s hottest styles and choose for yourself the most suitable one. From there, you will have a trending home decoration plan.

1/ Modern minimalist design style (Minimalist)

Currently, this style is gradually becoming popular in life, because of its simplicity but sophistication. In Minimalist, the minor details are restrained, keeping only the main ones with high functionality. In other words, prioritize function over form. Prioritize bringing convenience, while saving space for the apartment.

A prominent feature of the minimalist style is the arrangement of as few furniture as possible with as few textures as possible. For example, compared to many other interior design styles, the motifs on the minimalist beddings prefer light cold tones, clear lines and shapes with not too large sizes. However, the current minimalist trend has been improved somewhat by the appearance of softer curves and curves with many different colors and patterns.

An important note in the minimalist style is to prioritize the use of natural materials. For example, you will use natural latex mattresses instead of chemical rubber materials. For this design style, you will find peace in your soul and let go of all external troubles. The main colors of the design style: white, beige, gray, black, natural wood brown, etc. Limit too prominent colors with sophisticated pattern details. No matter what class you belong to, this style is still suitable because it is economical and not fussy.

2/ Rustic design style

This style prioritizes the use of natural materials, mainly wood. The same natural wood furniture, rattan fiber, bamboo, tree roots, etc. Usually these designs are seen a lot in resorts, country houses or nature lovers, rustic, simple profile.

Some advantages of this interior design style are: Suitable for people who want to find a quiet note in a busy life, suitable for those who like natural, rustic, peaceful and economical space.Because we will prioritize recycling using old things that make them beautiful. However, the rustic interior design style is difficult to apply to modern luxurious architectural works. At the same time, it is also quite picky to live in.

If you are looking to decorate your home in this style, use lots of stone and wood materials to bring warmth and intimacy. The objects inside the house should be simple and few. For example, in the bedroom, instead of using a bed with legs, you can use a wooden platform and cool color mattresses. Take advantage of the large windows to let natural light flood into the house. And most importantly, use monochromatic colors.

3/ Classic design style

 Contrary to the above 2 interior design styles, the classic interior design style requires sophistication and complexity. However, they are still very delicate and luxurious, often used to show the authority and power of the owners. Classic furniture always has meticulous lines with expensive interior materials reminiscent of the palaces of the old Kings and Kings. This style is used a lot for the upper class.

A few suggestions for you to choose this style of furniture is to choose spring mattresses with a luxurious and soft design. Prioritize hand-woven or embossed blankets. Take advantage of the copper color to make the space both cozy and luxurious. You can use a copper mirror instead of a modern LED mirror.

4/ Vintage design style

This is an extremely popular interior design style in the 50s and 70s of the last century. And now, they are once again resurgent with each image in the picture frames of cafes, entertainment areas, mini apartments uploaded on Facebook, Web or Instagram. 

Utensils when designing a Vintage space must definitely bear the mark of time. This is a unique design style that only uses old objects with a classic style of the previous era such as old chandeliers, faded tables and chairs… With traditional vintage, white is the main color. In addition, neutral colors such as light em, pale pink, nude, beige, blue … are often used because they evoke a quiet, nostalgic look. As for modern vintage furniture today, the colors have become more diverse, strong colors are also used to reveal the personality of the homeowner.

5/ Retro design style

Different from furniture in Vintage style, Retro furniture brings in the beauty of the time, of the past but still has a modern direction. This wonderful combination of classic and modern brings an extremely attractive experience when entering Retro space. In terms of design, Retro prefers simple and elegant designs. At the same time retain the highlights of the classic design and make them softer.

Retro interior design style uses a lot of pastel colors combined with white instead of the warm deep colors of Vintage. You can even see the contrast creating brilliance and improvisation in Retro space. The main colors of Retro style are blue, red brown, sweet orange, young green and dark yellow. These colors create a noble, nostalgic but also very trendy look for the Retro design space.

Retro still retains the beautiful, rustic and natural nostalgia along with the process of change that makes them new, modern and closer. The indispensable highlight in this style is the artful wall panels that make your space break out of bounds.


 Above are the 5 most popular home interior design styles in 2021. You can refer to this information to prepare yourself for a dream home. In addition to choosing paint colors, curtains or wardrobes, blankets, sheets, pillows, and mattresses are also extremely important factors to make your living space different. Hope this article is really helpful to you.