8 Bedroom design rules to help you get a good night’s sleep


If the living room is the face of the house, the bedroom is the place to cherish and restore our energy. The bedroom space needs to be quiet and can bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to the owner of the room. With these simple bedroom furniture design tips below, you will easily turn your bedroom into the most comfortable resting space!

  1. Choose a high-quality mattress with a set of relaxing colors and soft materials

What we perceive with sight and touch can greatly affect our emotions. Therefore, when choosing furniture for the bedroom, you should give priority to choosing a latex mattress, choosing a soft color tone with good absorbent material, soft for the skin. You can design the bedroom with a neutral color palette like beige, light gray, pastel pink or ivory. The material on the mattress is also a factor that determines the quality of your sleep. Give priority to choosing bed sheets made from natural materials such as cotton, linen, terry or silk with good absorbency, coolness and softness. for the skin.

  1. Arrange the bedroom furniture in a reasonable way

Furniture arrangement is also an important factor in bedroom design, especially rooms with limited area. With a space for rest, you need to place the bed to achieve the most quiet feeling. The bed should be against the wall, the view should cover the whole room, but it should not be facing the main door or window to avoid being startled when someone comes in and out. To design a beautiful small bedroom, you should not arrange too many things around the bed, but clean the bedroom, creating airy spaces. This way you can relax and fall asleep more easily.

When designing a small bedroom of 10m2 or less, to create a feeling of a larger space than it actually is, you should choose the color of the walls, curtains, mattress, etc. with light tones or cool colors. With a room with such a limited area, it is best to have a small window to get natural light because the light will deceive the eye and make the room appear larger than the inherent area. You can choose blankets, towels, bed sheets with plaid patterns to make the room feel more open.

  1. Choose the floor material

Instead of using cold materials like porcelain, marble or granite, consider wood floors and carpeted floors. The reason is simple: no one wants to step out of a warm bed onto a cold, slippery floor.

One of the biggest advantages of hardwood floors is the ability to effectively retain heat, creating a comfortable feeling for everyone when using. 

The great benefit that wood flooring brings is its natural beauty, not overlapping with each other, completely different from other products. To create a cozy, peaceful, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, you should give priority to choosing carpet products for the bedroom with a single-color design with neutral colors such as brown, cream yellow, deep beige, gray,…. These are considered colors that are easy to coordinate with interior design in the family. However, if you want your room to be fresh and more stylish, you can choose a patterned carpet, or a combination of textures.

  1. Choose pleasant light for the bedroom

A beautiful and luxurious bedroom design cannot lack the element of light.

Light plays an important role in creating a feeling of warmth. The bedroom should be bright enough during the day and lighted with soft yellow lights when it gets dark to create coziness and peace. You can also design the bedroom by using dimmable lights for convenience in living, note choosing a capacity that is compatible with the room area to avoid uncomfortable feelings of glare or darkness. set. If you do not want your sleep to be interrupted, you should choose a good type of sunshade when your bedroom has to receive a lot of sunlight.

  1. Keep the room tidy and well ventilated

Your bedroom should be as minimal as possible to create a feeling of openness. A scientific bedroom design is a light, minimalist design. If possible, avoid having too many small decorations and photo books in the room because they are easy to collect dust and make the space feel full. Keep surfaces clear, limit the number of cabinets and leave space for your mind to slowly relax.

Using multi-purpose furniture is also a suggestion for those who are looking for small bedroom design ideas. Some multi-purpose furniture you can refer to: multi-purpose wall shelves, bed with drawers, mirror holding jewelry, …

  1.  Do not leave the TV in the room

Watching TV before bed may sound very “chill” and help you fall asleep more deeply, but it will only make you a real “night owl”. According to research, white light from TV will make the brain limit the secretion of hormones that cause sleep. From there, fool that this is not the right time to rest. If you want to relax a bit, listen to some music or read a soothing book before bed.

  1. Should not combine bedroom and office into 1

Bedroom design ideas that combine resting and working spaces are almost universally popular because they provide a sense of convenience. But really, this only adds to your stress and even affects your partner’s sleep. If possible, create a separate workspace separate from the bedroom and do not bring electronic devices to bed to avoid getting lost in the endless cycle of emails and reports. When you have set foot in the bedroom, spend time and wholeheartedly on rest, so that you can achieve deep and quality sleep.

  1. Add green patches to the bedroom

Trees not only have the function of beautifying the living space, but they also help clean your atmosphere. If you choose the right plants in the bedroom that have the ability to filter the air, the health will be improved. However, not all plants can be brought into the bedroom. Some suggestions for you are: Tiger tongue tree, Orchid tree, Cactus tree..


Above are some tips for arranging furniture and decorating the bedroom to help you have a more perfect resting space. Hope this information is useful to you. I Hope you always have a lot of joy in life and have a comfortable living space as you like.